Angela Kilenyi lives in West London and has been exhibiting in and around the capital since 1998. Her work is figurative and in recent years the human figure has been her primary inspiration. She is known for her life drawings in watercolour and ink. “ I very much enjoy working with life models and I try to convey, through the fluidity of the ink or watercolour, the essence of the pose. Because of the medium itself, there is always an element of the unexpected, over which I have little control. Even when working in other media, such as oils or acrylic, I like to work fairly fast, so that the picture retains a degree of spontaneity and freshness”. 

Angela was a founder member of the Fountain Gallery Artists’ Association where she exhibited extensively for many years.. Other galleries and fairs where she has exhibited include Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, The Landmark Art Fair, Orleans House Gallery, The Affordable Art Fair, The Palace Art Fair, The Edinburgh Art Fair, The Highwayman’s Gallery and the Collyer Bristow Gallery. 

In 2017 her work can be seen atthe Cambridge Art Fair (showing with Jim Woodman Fine Art) and the Edinburgh Art Fair (again showing with Jim Woodman Fine Art) and by appointment.